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Power Pedestals

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Commercial Buyers Volume Pricing Available

Dock Boxes Unlimited offers volume pricing options for commercial buyers.

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Turnkey electrical layout solutions! We can provide all of the electrical equipment, layout and design, from your docks to your marina development surroundings and beyond! TRUST US to provide you with all of the electrical equipment for your dock and marina development surroundings and beyond!


Our professional sales and technical staff will assist you and your design team through all aspects of your marina project and selection of appropriate power pedestal and power configurations. Proper planning and layout of the electrical system (like a dockside power pedestal) will minimize equipment and wire costs, as well as reduce installation time and possible construction delays.

Dock Boxes Unlimited can also provide all the wiring necessary to complete the project:

  • Circuit Layout
  • Transformer Sizes
  • Dockside Power Pedestal & Receptacle Selection
  • Disconnect Sizes
  • Panel, Breaker and Wire Sizes
  • Voltage Requirements
  • Voltage Drops
  • Conduit Sizes
  • Substation Sizes and Design

Planning and designing an effective and efficient marina electrical system can be a bit of a challenge. Trust the team at Dock Boxes Unlimited to help you with all aspects of your project from circuit layout to power pedestal and receptacle selection. With a large variety of unique styles to choose from, including The Signature Lighthouse, the Hatteras Light, the Newport Harbor Mate or the streamlined Firehouse model, creating an inviting and safe environment is easy. With technical and design assistance from the professionals, get peace of mind in knowing that your power pedestals are placed appropriately and you have all you need to complete your project.

Dock Boxes Unlimited - your ultimate source for Marine Power Pedestals.

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