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Our selection of high-quality and long-lasting dock carts will do the hard work for you, made from superior materials and manufactured to perform. With a reputation for withstanding even the harshest environments, our carts are used at most of the marinas around the country and abroad. Haul at least 300 pounds and easily maneuver over rough terrain with our durable dock cart selection.

Our ceramic cleaning kits simplify the care of your dock box. Inside each kit, you’ll find all the essential tools and products needed to effortlessly remove dirt, stains, scuffs, and other blemishes from the fiberglass finish. Our kits come with simple instructions, making it easy for anyone to maintain or restore their dock box to a better-than-new shine.

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Clean Your Dock Box of Dirt Residue, Scuffs, Insect Stains, and More

Whether you need routine maintenance to keep your dock boxes looking their best or more extensive restoration work, our eco-friendly ceramic kits have you covered. Both effortlessly remove stains, scuffs, and tough marks without the need for harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach. Our Ceramic Spray Cleaning & Maintenance Kit is ideal for day-to-day care, while the Ceramic Coating Restoration Kit is the top choice for more extensive refurbishment. Both kits prioritize safety and quality, guaranteeing your dock boxes remain in excellent condition.

Ceramic Spray Maintenance Kit


Ceramic Coating Restoration Kit

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Used for New Dock Boxes

Used for New or Weathered Dock Boxes

Protects Original Finish

Restores Original Shine & Finish

4 Step Process

6 Step Process
*Includes Nano Wash & Nano Compound

8 oz. Ready-to-Use Bottles

4 oz. Concentrated Bottles

6 Month Protection

18 Month Protection

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Ceramic Spray Maintenance Kit

Experience the remarkable power of our environmentally-friendly cleaning formula, designed to gently clean your dock storage boxes regularly.

Say goodbye to stains, scuffs, and even the toughest marks without the need for harsh chemicals like ammonia or harmful bleach. Our non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-abrasive solution ensures both effective cleaning and utmost safety. With our Ceramic Spray Cleaning & Maintenance Kit, your dock boxes will stay in excellent shape all year round.

Step 1


Clean Away Stains, Scuffs, and  Previous Waxes

The first step to cleaning your dock box is to use the All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser. This versatile cleaner has a safe and unique formula that effectively removes stains, scuffs, and previous waxes. It can handle various surfaces, including leather, vinyl, carpet, rubber, vinyl tons, and fabric seats. The powerful formula eliminates dirt, dust, grease, blood, salt, and more without harmful bleach or ammonia. Simply apply the cleaner to the dock box for a thorough and safe cleaning.


  • Spray directly on the surface to be cleaned. It can also be sprayed or poured onto cloth for cleaning carpets and fabrics
  • Allow All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser to attack dirt and stains for a few moments briefly. For grease stains, wait a few minutes before rinsing or wiping with a clean damp cloth. Older stubborn stains, and heavy grease, may require scrubbing with a soft nylon brush.

Step 2


Wash Away Excess Dirt and Stains

The second step to clean your dock box involves using Nano Wash. This concentrated wash produces a high foam content, specifically designed to remove excess dirt and stains safely. Nano Wash effectively eliminates dust, oils, salt, and other contaminants without compromising the protective sealants on the surface. This ensures a residue-free outcome, leaving your dock box clean and pristine while preserving the sealants’ effectiveness.


  • Prior to washing. remove loose dirt and contaminants by rinsing with a hose or power wash.
  • For light dirt. use 2 caps of Nano Wash per bucket, and 4 caps for heavy soiling.
  • Always begin washing the upper surfaces and work your way down, rinsing your soft wash sponge/brush/mop in a separate bucket of water as you go to release dirt and then replenish in a second bucket containing your dilution of water and Nano Wash.
  • Do not use a hard bristle brush. It will create micro-scratches that will damage the surface over time.
  • Do not press hard to remove dirt – for stubborn dirt, allow to soak for several minutes–and always rinse to remove all soap residues.
  • Gently dry with a microfiber towel.
  • Store in a cool dark location.

Step 3


Prep the Dock Box Surface

To ensure optimal results and long-lasting protection for your dock box, it is crucial to properly prepare the surface before applying the final protective coating. In this step, we recommend using Surface Wipe, a convenient one-step preparation product designed to remove oils and contaminants from the surface. Its wipe-on and buff-off application makes it quick and easy to decontaminate the dock box surface.


  • We recommend you test on a small area before use to ensure the product is compatible with the surface of your dock box. In order to effectively remove residues, the Surface Wipe contains a high volume of hydrocarbons that will not affect the original paintwork but can tarnish “smart” repairs and “resprays”.
  • Simply spray or wipe Surface Wipe onto a surface and buff with a microfiber cloth
  • Repeat if necessary.
  • Do not use on vinyl or paint protection films
  • Store in a cool dry place

Step 4


Protect Your Dock Box

The final and fourth step in protecting your dock box is to apply Marine Shine & Shield. This ceramic spray features a high concentration of 42% active ingredient, providing up to several months of ceramic protection. Its blend of silicone polymers creates a glossy and hydrophobic layer, making it easy to clean and maintain while protecting against UV damage. Simply spray on and wipe off for superior gloss, a durable hydrophobic surface, and reduced stains. For enhanced protection, we recommend applying multiple layers.


  • For best results, apply to a clean surface. We recommend washing before using.
  • Spray Marine Shine & Shield onto a 3’×3′ section.
  • Lightly buff with a clean microfiber until the section is smooth and uniform. A second microfiber may be required to remove an excess product from the surface.
  • Avoid applying in direct sunlight or to a hot surface. This could cause the product to flash quickly, making it more difficult to buff off.
  • Multiple coats can be applied for added gloss and protection.
  • To achieve maximum life, we recommend a minimum of 2 coats.
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Ceramic Coating Restoration Kit

Our Restoration Kit is a Do-It-Yourself Ceramic Coating kit that will restore your Dock Boxes’ gel coat to a better-than-new shine.

Our restoration kit isn’t your typical solution; it’s been meticulously crafted and tested in South Florida’s demanding marine environment. Using cutting-edge nanoceramic materials, our unique ceramic coating process creates a smoothly finished surface. As a bonus, the kit includes two soft sponges and two microfiber cloths to make your restoration process even smoother. Get ready to revive your dock boxes with this exceptional kit.

Step 1

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Pre-Wash Surface and Remove Excessive Staining

The first step of restoring your dock box involves a deep cleaning or “pre-wash”. To do this, use a powerful degreaser or heavy-duty detergent to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt. Afterward, rinse the dock box thoroughly with water to make sure there’s no leftover cleaning stuff. This thorough cleaning is super important because it’s the foundation for the rest of our restoration process, making sure your dock box gets the full benefit of our treatment.

Step 2

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Wash Dock Box Inside and Out

The second step involves washing your dock box inside and out with the Nano Wash solution. Begin by adding 2 to 4 ounces of Nano Wash into a 5-gallon bucket filled with water. Next, take a soft to medium brush and use it to wash the entire dock box, diligently removing all traces of dirt, salt, and stains. Once you’ve completed this thorough cleaning process, grab a microfiber towel to dry the entire dock box. This step ensures that your dock box is not only clean but also primed for the next stages of our restoration process.

Step 3

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Buff Away Sun Damage & Scratches

It’s essential to begin with a clean surface free from any lingering dirt or contaminants. For this phase, you’ll use the Nano Compound with a machine buffer or a Dual Action Polisher equipped with a medium-cut foam or wool pad. This step is crucial for tackling sun damage, oxidation, and the majority of surface scratches. By following this process, you’re well on your way to restoring your dock box’s surface to its former glory.


  • Use medium speed and medium pressure for best results.
  • The entire box should have a smooth uniform finish before moving to the next step. Repeat this step if there is still noticeable oxidation or fading on the surface.

Step 4

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Polish Dock Box Surfaces

In the fourth step of our restoration process, we’re elevating the appearance of your dock box to a whole new level. Apply the Nano Polish with a machine buffer or a Dual Action Polisher, and a light cutting/polishing foam or wool pad. This step is all about making your dock box shine while efficiently removing any bothersome swirl marks or minor scratches. By polishing your dock box, you can ensure that your dock box doesn’t just look good but boasts a flawless finish all season long.


  • If necessary, repeat the process a second time, to make sure all imperfections have been removed.

Step 5

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Decontaminate Oils and Residue

In the fifth step of our restoration process, we use a Glidecoat Surface Wipe to ensure a pristine surface. We recommend wearing protective gloves throughout the remainder of the coating process. Simply apply Surface Wipe directly onto a clean microfiber towel, and proceed to wipe down the designated areas for coating. This vital step effectively decontaminates the surface, eliminating any oils or residues that may have remained from the surface preparation.


  • If necessary, repeat this process to ensure that your dock box’s surface is impeccably clean and ready for the next phase of our restoration.
  • If the box has excess dust from the compound preparation, a light wash with Nano Wash may be necessary before using the Surface Wipe.

Step 6

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Protect with Marine Ceramic Coating

In step six, we apply our expertise in dock box surface protection. We’ve developed a unique process using Marine Ceramic Coating to safeguard your dock box. This coating resists corrosion, chemicals, and UV rays while working to restore color, gloss, and surface hardness. It also makes the surface hydrophobic, repelling water and dirt for easy cleaning.

Here’s how to apply it: Use 5-10 drops of Marine Ceramic Coating on the provided Application Pad. Apply it to a 3′ by 3′ section with light to medium pressure, covering the entire area. Let it sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute until it beads on the surface. Then, buff it in with a clean microfiber cloth, applying moderate pressure to ensure it penetrates the surface pores. Follow up with a second cloth to ensure complete coverage. Repeat this process across the entire dock box, overlapping sections as you go. Once cured, our Marine Ceramic Coating will keep your dock box looking great for up to 18 months with little effort.


  • It is highly recommended that you apply 2 coats of the Marine Ceramic Coating for optimal protection and durability. Allow a minimum of 1 hour between the first and second coat.
  • The Marine Ceramic Coating will fully cure in 24 hours. Do not wash with soap for 7 days. If rain occurs during the curing time, ensure the box is dried with a microfiber cloth as soon as possible after the rain.

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