Choose the Right Power Pedestal for Your Dock

Choosing the Right Power Pedestal for Your Dock Dock Boxes

Whether you have a private marina for your own boats or run a public marina for customers, a dock power pedestal is a great addition near the water. Many boaters still want to power appliances, phones, and other electronic devices when on their boats—and without the proper electrical hookups, that can be a challenge.

Power pedestals offer convenient access to power connectors for boat owners. Most products provide a standard 30-amp connection to meet most electrical needs. They also come equipped with a circuit breaker to control the power source and safety features like ground fault protection in case of contact with water.

But what sets a power pedestal apart for dock owners? Let’s explore seven factors to consider when purchasing marina power pedestals.

1. Location Matters

The placement of your power pedestal matters. In areas prone to flooding, you’ll want a pedestal that can withstand submersion. It’s all about keeping your power source above water when Mother Nature acts up.

2. Power Needs

Consider the size and number of boats at your marina to determine the power output required. Smaller boats may only need a single connection, while larger vessels, like superyachts, might require 50 or 100-amp connections.

3. Durability Counts

A shore power pedestal needs to be tough, especially in waterside environments. Ensure it’s weatherproof to handle storms and wind and check for warranties from reputable brands to guarantee durability.

4. Right Size

Don’t go overboard with size. Match the pedestal’s power capacity to your needs. A private dock with a small boat may only require enough power for a few electronic devices, whereas a large marina serving multiple boats demands more substantial pedestals.

5. Commercial vs. Residential

Decide if your pedestal is for residential or commercial use. Commercial-grade options offer more power and flexibility for accommodating multiple boats or energy-intensive yachts.

6. Material Matters

Choose materials wisely. Carbon and stainless steel are robust options, and resistant to corrosion in moist conditions. A powder-coated finish can protect the exterior from wear and tear.

7. Accessories

Don’t forget about accessories. Power pedestals can offer more than just electricity. Consider features like cable and internet hookups, LED lighting for convenience, water hookups, and hose holders.

Find the Best Shore Power Fit for Your Marina

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