3.5-Inch Dock Bumper – RR-5002

3.5-Inch Dock Bumper – RR-5002

SKU: RR-5002

A flexible vinyl and high impact resistance dock bumper.

Width: 120"  
Depth: 2.4"  
Height: 3.5"  
Weight: 12 lbs  


Volume pricing available for commercial buyers
  • Description
    The Model RR-5002 is a standard bumper designed to resist any weather condition . It is constructed with marine grade flexible vinyl to safeguard boats from damage while mooring into the dock. It is available in black or white.


  • Key Features
    1.Composted of top-quality marine grade flexible vinyl
    2. Quality grade UV and Fungicide inhibitors added to prolong the life of the bumper
    3. Offered in many specifically designed shapes to suit any dock design
    4. High impact resistance
    5.Available in black and white
    6. Standard length is 10 feet
    7. Custom colors and lengths are available (contact DBU)
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