7-Inch Urethane Foam Bumper

7-Inch Urethane Foam Bumper


7 Inch Urethane Foam Bumper

Width: 36"  
Depth: 7"  
Height: 3.75"  
Weight: 6.2 lbs  


Volume pricing available for commercial buyers
  • Description
    The 7 Inch Urethane Foam Bumper is great for mooring medium boats into the dock. They are heavy duty and can withstand high impacts.7


  • Key Features
    1.Dense Black Urethane Foam
    2. Excellent Resilience
    3. Good low temperature flexibility
    4. Mar resistant textured surface
    5. Durable with great bounce back
    6. UV protected
    7. Internally reinforced 3/8 inch dia. mounting holes with washers on the 7 inch Heavy Duty Dock Bumper*
    8.Made in the USA
    * Does not come with hardware
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