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As the ultimate source of marina supplies, we know what boat owners are looking for when it comes to building a dock. For thirty years, Dock Boxes Unlimited has provided dock floats of the highest quality. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding on to an existing dock infrastructure, we have over 77 different types of dock float sizes to choose from.

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When it comes to building a dock, you need a floating device that can withstand the test of time and be flexible enough for any environment. Our dock floats are designed to hold any type of decking material whether it be pressure-treated wood or aluminum metal.

Each of our dock floats is manufactured from linear virgin polyethylene resin containing UV ray inhibitors and carbon black pigment, This heavy-duty fabrication guarantees protection from harsh sun rays, extreme weather, saltwater, oils, pollutants, and debris. Together with their seamless, one-piece construction, our dock floats ensure stability you can count on.


Our dock-building materials are designed and manufactured with quality in mind – starting with the inside foam core. Every dock float is foamed with PS Expanded Polystyrene styrofoam material using proprietary technology that can be completely automated. Since no such technology existed or is being used elsewhere in the industry, we have the advantage of being able to control our foaming process consistently and precisely. This ensures that every dock float product is properly foamed and that each foam core is as dependable as our polyethylene shell.

What’s more, every dock float is constructed from a food-grade material that won’t contaminate waterways and is 100% recyclable. Whether you experience damage from animals or bumps from nearby watercraft, you can trust in the strength and longevity of our dock floats.


All of our dock floats are rotationally molded for seamless, one-piece construction. When building a dock, the number of dock floats you will need is determined by the size of your marina. We recommend 30 lbs per square foot for residential docks and 40 lbs per square foot for commercial docks. Generally, you will round up the number of floats needed to the nearest even number for optimal design.

While standard dock floats have a nominal wall thickness of .150, we have the unique ability to customize a float to your specifications. Unlike other dock-building manufacturers, we help you find the right product for your marina needs before, during, and after every purchase. Hiring a professional Dock Boxes Unlimited specialist ensures you get the one-on-one service you deserve.

Dock Building FAQs

  • What are your dock floats made of?

    Dock Boxes Unlimited offers floats that are manufactured from Linear Virgin Polyethylene Resin and EPS foam filled meeting 7 -Day Hunt Absorption Test US Corp of Army Engineers. It also meets the falling dart/puncture test as it is molded in watertight mounting slots and one-piece construction roto-molded encasement.

  • What size of dock float do you carry?

    We carry a wide variety of sizes to set your dock apart from the industry standard with dock floats manufactured from UV ray inhibitors for protection against deterioration. 

  • How do you calculate buoyancy/freeboard?

    Dock Boxes Unlimited offers a Formula Chart that will help you calculate the buoyancy and freeboard according to the supported pounds per square foot for either residential or commercial docks.

  • What is the durability of your dock floats?

    Our floats have structured ribs on top, bottom, and sides along with 2” heavy mounting flanges for strength. Dock Floats are resistant to damage by animals, ice, bumps to watercraft, and contact deterioration from petroleum products offering a 15-Year warranty.

  • Why choose Dock Boxes Unlimited?

    Dock Boxes Unlimited has been in the dock products business for 30 years. We are a dedicated and reliable source for your dock float needs. We offer long-lasting quality products for both commercial and residential customers. Our customer service staff is always ready to serve your needs!

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