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Featuring the very best in de-icer energy efficiency and durability.

Ideal for commercial applications, our de-icers are perfect for preventing costly ice damage due to lifting, ice expansion, and winter-kill conditions. Suspend deicers
underwater around your docks, marinas and boat homes to prevent costly ice damage. The combination of the extreme energy efficiency with the C-20 Time and Temperature Control gives the maximum energy conservation and lowest operating cost.

  • SUSPENSION ROPES — hollow braided polypropylene.
    20 feet x 5⁄16 inch, 2 lengths attached.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SAFETY CAGE — for propeller protection.
    Vinyl coated for easy handling.
  • PERFORMANCE PROPELLERS — specially pitched for maximum thrust and minimum power usage.
  • POWER CABLE — 25 foot water and oil resistant power cable with cold weather flexibility to -50°F. Exterior watertight connection for easy on-the-spot replacement. Optional lengths are available.
  • ZINC ANODE — renewable anode for corrosion protection due to electrolysis.
  • SEALS — Dual-Sealed system. Hard face internal mechanical oil seal and outside lip seal for double protection against leaks.
  • SHAFT — #316 series stainless steel, approved for salt water use.
  • BEARINGS — ball type, top and bottom. Flood oil lubricated for excellent heat dissipation.
  • OIL — large capacity dielectric oil provides maintenancefree lifetime lubrication, maximum cooling and protection against failure due to moisture contamination.
  • MOTOR — custom designed, continuous duty 120V single phase, oil immersed and overloaded protected with fully automatic reset.
    (240V 3/4 and 1 H.P. models are available by special order)
    F2400/D, 1/2 H.P. with 26 Ibs. of thrust – 5.0 amps at 120V
    F3400/D, 3/4 H.P. with 34 Ibs. of thrust – 6.7 amps at 120V
    4400/D, 1 H.P. with 52 Ibs. of thrust – 11.2 amps at 120V
  • CAPACITOR — permanent split capacitor (PSC) insures quick high torque starts and smooth operation.
  • MOTOR HOUSING — corrosion-resistant stainless steel, a must for salt water operation.
  • Motor exceeds NEMA specifications
  • Shipping weight —
    F2400/D, 25 lbs.
    F3400/D, 35 lbs.
    4400/D, 40 lbs.
  • Overall dimensions — F2400/D, 9″ x 11 1⁄2″
    F3400/D and 4400/D, 9″ x 14″

Available options:

  • Power cords – 25-100 feet on select models
  • Universal dock mount for custom installation
    (vertical or angle mounting)
  • C-20 Time and Temperature control to regulate usage
  • C-10 portable thermostat use to regulate the use of your de-icer
  • Horizontal float mount for shallow or fluctuating water levels

Key Features:

  • Flood oil lubricated for heat dissipation
  • Hollow braided polypropylene suspension ropes
  • Stainless steel, vinyl coated safety cage for propeller protection
  • Propellers pitched for maximum thrust and energy efficiency
  • 25 foot water/oil resistant power cable (retains flexibility in temperatures -50°F)
  • Dual seal system for protection against leaks
  • Dielectric oil provides maintenance free lubrication and moisture resistance
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