What Are Power Pedestals?

What Are Power Pedestals Buying Guide for Power Pedestals

If you’re new to boating or RV adventures, let’s talk about something crucial: Power Pedestals. These devices are power hubs at marinas and RV parks, making sure your boat or RV gets the electricity it needs. They’re the go-to for running lights, keeping things cool, and powering essential gadgets.

In the following guide, we’ll break down what power pedestals are, why they’re so important, and why you need one for your marina or campground.

What Are Power Pedestals?

Power pedestals are essential hubs found in marinas, RV parks, and campgrounds that ensure a smooth flow of electrical power. Power pedestals typically have electrical outlets and provide electrical power, meter readings, water connection, internet connection, and lighting for boats and RVs. Essentially, they act as the central point where vessels and vehicles connect to necessary utilities.

Whether it’s lighting up the night, keeping the fridge running, or charging batteries, power pedestals play a crucial role. They act as the bridge, delivering the power needed to operate essential systems on the go. This feature alone makes electrical pedestals indispensable for a functional experience on the water or the road. Other advantages include:

  • Centralized access point for electricity and utilities
  • Streamlined connection process for quick setup
  • Electrical outlets for powering various devices
  • Enhanced visibility with LED lighting
  • Convenient features like backlit faceplates and digital meters
  • Versatile receptacles for various applications
  • High amperage ratings to meet diverse power needs
  • Sustained power through severe weather conditions

Buying Guide for Power Pedestals: Step-by-Step

If you’re a first-time buyer in search of the perfect power source for your marine or RV needs, we’re here to help. Follow the following steps to make an informed decision regarding your electrical needs.

Step 1: Assess Your Specific Needs

  • Evaluate the power requirements of your boat or RV
  • Consider the number of electrical outlets and power connections needed
  • Check to see if your marina’s dock slip configuration or campground sites have limitations
  • Set a realistic budget that aligns with your specific needs and expectations

Step 2: Look Out for Essential Features

  • Ensure that the pedestal has sufficient electrical outlets and connectors
  • Consider models with metering capabilities for better control over electricity consumption
  • Check for durability and construction materials suitable for your environment
  • Look for “UL-listed and certified” – a marine industry standard for quality and safety

Step 3: Research and Read Reviews

  • Explore different brands and models available in the market
  • Narrow down your pedestal bus bar, receptacle, circuit breaker, and metering requirements
  • Read reviews from fellow boaters or RV enthusiasts to gather performance insights
  • Pay attention to warranty options as a reflection of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product

Step 4: Request a Consultation or Estimate

  • Consult with experts to determine the best electrical pedestal for your circumstances
  • Request a personalized estimate based on your power requirements

By following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to choose an electrical pedestal that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. If you’re still not sure where to start, our professional sales and technical staff are happy to help you find the right power pedestal. Contact us today!

Our Featured Power Pedestals

Lighthouse power pedestal1

Lighthouse Power Pedestal

Illuminate your marina with the Lighthouse Power Pedestal. It comes pre-wired and ready for installation. This versatile pedestal offers customizable options, allowing you to choose between one or two-sided configurations. Each side can power two boats or RVs. 

Lighthouse ss power pedestal

Lighthouse SS Power Pedestal

The Lighthouse SS Power Pedestal brings durability to the forefront with its stainless steel construction. It is available in single or dual-sided options. You can customize each side, saving costs by upgrading with retrofit receptacles based on your specific needs.

Admiral 2009 1

Admiral SS Power Pedestal

As the flagship of our unitized marine power pedestal line, the Admiral SS Power Pedestal is constructed from stainless steel, blending durability and functionality. With amperage capabilities of up to 500 Amps and voltages including 480/277 Three Phase, 120/240 Single Phase, and various receptacle combinations, it ensures a seamless power supply for nearly any size Mega Yacht.

Newportharbormate 1

Newport Harbor Mate

The Newport Harbor Mate is a versatile companion for your docking needs. Despite being smaller than our standard power pedestals, it’s equally robust, offering a variety of electrical services with a capacity of up to 140 amps. The lighting in the Newport Harbor Mate is designed for single-direction illumination, making it ideal for areas where 360-degree lighting is prohibited or if you prefer one-directional lighting for your dock or RV park.

P18 hatteras 1

Hatteras Light Power Pedestal

The Hatteras Light Power Pedestal is a beacon of reliability.  This pedestal is an elegant and cost-effective alternative to the Lighthouse, featuring the same 360-degree light assembly while being only 30 inches tall.

Mariner power pedestal

Mariner Power Pedestal

Set sail confidently with the Mariner Power Pedestal. Functioning as a versatile lighting bollard, it comes in various heights and is suitable for applications ranging from marina docks to landscaped areas, golf courses, and beyond. The Mariner stands out with a lifetime warranty on its engineered resin housing, ensuring durability against harsh marine and land environments from Alaska to the tropics.

Firehouse power pedestal scaled

Firehouse Power Pedestal

The Firehouse Power Pedestal is a powerhouse for marinas. Prepared for any marina emergency, this pedestal includes features such as an alarm strobe light and siren, which can be automatically activated when the door is opened or an optional life ring is removed. Additionally, it is equipped with fire extinguisher storage, ensuring comprehensive safety measures for your marina or docks.

Power Your Boat or RV

In a nutshell, power pedestals are like charging stations for boats and RVs. They provide continuous electricity and shore power for boat lights, gadgets, and more. Get in touch with us for personalized help and insight into the best power source for your marina, campground, or RV site. 

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