Smartest Types of Power Pedestals for Marine & RV Applications

Types of Power Pedestals for Marine Rv Applications

Discovering various types of power pedestals is essential for ensuring a reliable power supply for your guests. The right choice enhances their experience, guaranteeing return visits for outdoor adventures. Don’t miss out—secure your power infrastructure for consumer satisfaction.

In this piece, we’ll explore types of power pedestal options, showcasing unique features. Elevate your facility’s excellence with an informed choice. Let’s begin and enhance your marina or RV park like never before!

Marine Power Pedestals

Lighthouse Power Pedestal

Experience reliable shore power with the robust design and weather-resistant features of the Lighthouse power pedestal. Manage energy effectively, reducing operational costs and environmental impact, thanks to enhanced metering options and integrated smart technology.

Lighthouse SS Power Pedestal

Designed exclusively for marina owners, the Lighthouse SS power pedestal is a premium electrical distribution solution. Crafted from top-notch stainless steel, it ensures impressive durability and resistance to corrosion, even in challenging outdoor environments. Its innovative design includes advanced metering features that accurately track power consumption, enabling efficient billing for clients.

Admiral SS Power Pedestal

Crafted from robust stainless steel, the Admiral SS power pedestal boasts exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. It’s advanced metering and smart technology enhance energy management and accurate client billing. With an elegant design and outstanding functionality, it’s the ideal choice for contemporary dock owners.

Newport Harbor Mate Power Pedestal

Built for tough coastal conditions, the Newport Harbor Mate power pedestal ensures a steady power supply. Its user-friendly design offers easy access, a great fit for small or large facilities seeking efficient power distribution.

Hatteras Light Power Pedestal

The Hatteras Light power pedestal excels outdoors, blending durable materials with smart innovation. Features like remote monitoring and energy efficiency cut costs and boost customer satisfaction for lasting performance.

Mariner Power Pedestal

The Mariner power pedestal is a reliable and budget-friendly solution for marina electrical needs. Designed to withstand tough weather, it ensures steady power for boaters and campers. Its’ easy installation and adjustable options offer facility owners convenience and flexibility.

Firehouse Power Pedestal

The Firehouse power pedestal is a sturdy solution crafted for marinas. Its strong, fire-resistant build ensures safety. With surge protection and multiple outlets, it offers secure, efficient power for peace of mind for owners and guests.

Mega Yacht Powerpoint

The Mega Yacht Powerpoint is a top-tier power pedestal tailored for big yachts and luxury vessels. Its’ high-capacity electrical connections and advanced metering suit large energy needs. A must-have for luxury marinas, it offers sleek design and cutting-edge functions for upscale clients.

Marina Substation

The Marina Substation is a comprehensive power system designed for big marinas. It ensures steady power across many berths with higher capacity and multiple points. Smart load management cuts costs and reduces environmental impact for efficient energy use.

Marina Panel

The Marina Panel is a compact, adaptable power system made for marinas. Easy expansion meets growing needs. Reliable power distribution and enhanced safety with circuit breakers and ground fault prevention boost facility infrastructure.

Power Pedestals for RVs

Powerhouse RV Power Pedestal

The Powerhouse RV power pedestal is a top choice for reliable RV electricity. With its robust build and weather resistance, it ensures seamless power connection for RV enthusiasts. Meeting modern camper needs, it offers multiple outlets and circuit protection.

Powerhouse SS RV Power Pedestal

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the Powerhouse SS RV power pedestal sets a new standard for RV power distribution. Corrosion resistance ensures durability in outdoor settings, benefiting both park owners and campers. Advanced metering tracks electricity use, enhancing energy management.

Campmate CS

Designed for modern campgrounds, the Campmate CS is a compact and versatile RV power pedestal. With its user-friendly interface and reversible setups, it provides practical power solutions. Safety features like ground fault protection ensure secure power distribution. A must-have for camping sites, it enhances convenience and safety for RV enthusiasts.

Empowering Your Marina or RV Site

Choosing the right type of dock power pedestal is vital for a reliable marina or RV site. Stainless steel durability, advanced metering, and compact designs all boost satisfaction and success. Ready to enhance your facility? Reach out to Dock Boxes Unlimited now for a comfortable and convenient transformation.

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