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Pile Caps: Protect Your Dock Pilings with Dock Pile Caps
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Pile Caps: Protect Your Dock Pilings with Dock Pile Caps

Dock pile caps are used to cover the top of dock pilings to protect them from damage caused by water or harsh conditions. Because dock pilings can be expensive, pile caps are a great investment to protect them from deterioration and rot. Pile caps are the most affordable and convenient way to keep your pilings looking great.

Pile caps from Dock Boxes Unlimited:

  • Are easy to install
  • Designed to withstand the elements and whatever else comes their way
  • Suited for concrete, wood and even metal dock piles
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Add uniformity to improve the look of your marina

Cone Pile Caps Vs. Flat Pile Caps

Dock piling caps are available in cone and flat styles, round or square shapes, and white or black in color. While both flat and cone dock pile caps accomplish the same task — keeping accumulated water from prematurely rotting the tops of wooden pilings — the selection of one style over another is based on individual taste as much as utility. Many docks and marinas prefer the cone shaped pile caps because they discourage birds from perching or nesting on them, minimizing bird waste and the inevitable clean-up that entails. The cone shape piling caps also make it easier to throw lines over dock pilings without getting hung up on them.

Dock Piling Caps from Dock Boxes Unlimited

Dock pile caps from Dock Boxes Unlimited are available in a variety of shapes and size to perfectly suit your needs. In order to choose the right size dock pile caps for your pilings, follow these three simple steps:

  • Trim all pilings to their desired height before measuring.
  • Measure the diameter at the top of each piling at its widest point.
  • If the diameter you measure falls between two piling cap sizes, always round up.

Contact Dock Boxes Unlimited today and we will walk you through the steps and answer all of your questions. Proudly serving both commercial and non-commercial marina and boat dock customers. We provide only the highest quality marina equipment for your dock or marina. View our selection of dock piling caps here or call toll free (800.559.4269) today. We’ re here to help.

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