Ways to Stabilize a Floating Dock

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As floating docks become increasingly popular, you may be concerned about stabilizing a floating dock, especially if you are a new boat owner. Thankfully, there are many ways to stabilize a floating dock, so there’s nothing to worry about when installing your port. Strong winds or currents won’t throw away the floating dock when adequately stabilized.

Floating docks are typical plastics, or light metals joined to form a floating dock system. Since the dock is lightweight and both plastic and aluminum are buoyant, strong water currents can sweep it away anytime. But with the help of stabilizers, you’ll keep the floating dock in position – the changing water level won’t affect it.

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Adding Weight

Installing weights, such as metallic balls and concrete blocks, under the entire length of your boat docking system will secure it in position. You can hang them on the dock’s sides or place them at the end that extends into the water. However, the weights must not be too heavy because if they do so, they may pull the floating dock into the water.

Attaching to the Shore

You can also anchor your floating dock to the land to prevent it from getting washed away or changing position. Use metal pillars or wood planks to create the dock anchor. If you select wood planks, ensure you treat them well so they won’t rot quickly. But for metal pillars, ensure they are heavy-duty and non-rusting to prevent corrosion.

Using Pilings

Pilings can also help stabilize your dock. They are anchor poles hammered into the lake, sea, or riverbed to hold the floating dock in position. Some piling materials to use are metal poles or wood planks. All you need to do is bury them deep into the seafloor, then attach the dock over it. However, pilings are ideal where the water level fluctuates seasonally.

Stabilizing Your Floating Dock System

Now that you know different ways to stabilize a floating dock, you should choose the best anchoring system to hold your dock in position. Besides the options mentioned, you can also use a floating dock kit to stabilize your dock. But it would help if you first considered the water depth and fluctuation. Thankfully, Dock Boxes Unlimited can help!

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