Types of Floating Docks & Their Benefits


When you prefer building a floating dock to a fixed one, you should understand the different types of floating docks. You want a beautiful port on your waterfront property where your family and friends can have fun when boating. The good thing about boat docks is that they add value to your property. So, if you decide to sell it, you’ll attract many potential buyers and raise profits.

Floating docks provide convenient access to water bodies. They are more versatile and cheaper to construct than a fixed dock. In addition, they can adapt to various fluctuating water levels during the rising and falling of tides. However, floating docks are available in multiple types based on the materials they are made of. 

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Composite or Synthetic Floating Docks

Composite docks are among the preferable dock types for many homeowners due to their low maintenance requirements, fair density, and durability. In addition, they are eco-friendly since they consist of recycled materials, like wood and plastics. The best thing about this type of dock is that it’s a manufactured product with more color options than wood finishes.

Aluminum Floating Docks

Another versatile construction material for floating docks is aluminum, thanks to its lightweight nature. You can style it into various shapes, providing endless designs of floating boat docks. Although light, aluminum frames are rigid and can endure storm and boat impact more than plastic docks. For example, you can use a low-profile aluminum track frame that decking panels fit into easily.

Wooden Floating Docks

As the name suggests, a wooden dock comprises wood as the main construction material. Although it offers the functionality and style of permanent docks, it provides more flexibility. The frames comprise treated wood joined together with stainless or galvanized steel. You can polish the wood finishes to give your dock a timeless beauty that can last for many years.

Choosing the Best Dock for Your Boating Requirements

Now that you’ve chosen floating docks over permanent docks and understand the features of the three types of floating docks, you can make the right choice. But first, evaluate your docking needs and select the best docking option. You can also consider the water traffic and whether the body of water has shallow water or deep water. Thankfully, Dock Boxes can help you.

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