The Pros and Cons of Solar Dock and Deck Lights

Pros and Cons of Solar Powered Dock Lights

Solar powered lights have become very popular for marinas and docks within the last decade as people are looking for a sustainable / green alternative to traditional dock lighting. Solar powered dock lights are appealing for many reasons, such as an absence of power plugs and an easy installation. But what are the pros and cons of switching to solar powered dock lights? Find out below.

Pros of Solar Powered Dock Lights

  • Dock owners and marinas can save money by switching to solar powered dock lights. Because they are run by solar energy, solar dock lights do not require electricity to operate. With no costly batteries or bulbs to replace, the money you save pays for the light!
  • Solar powered dock lights from Dock Boxes Unlimited are completely self-contained and require no maintenance. These self-cleaning dock lights do all the work themselves.
  • LED Solar Dock Lights provide provide optimal brightness, making illuminating your docks and walkways a breeze.
  • Fixture styles are versatile to many different applications. They are suitable for fresh water and salt water docks and decks.
  • Solar dock lights are a green alternative to standard dock lighting. Depending on where you live, some grants and tax incentives are available for individuals and marinas that are making the switch to solar power. (see for more information)
  • Because they require no wiring, solar powered dock lights are easy to install.
  • Solar dock lights recharge during the day with built in solar panels and have automatic on and off features.
  • Solar powered dock lights from Dock Boxes Unlimited are water proof and vandal proof. Our dock lights have a patented dome that protects the solar panel while improving efficiency.


  • Unless you shop from a trusted source like Dock Boxes Unlimited, some poorly made units can be flimsy and not lasting. Do your research and choose durable, long-lasting solar dock lights.
  • Some dock owners prefer manually turning off their dock lights, and some solar dock lights do not give you that option.
  • A problem a lot of people fear with solar lighting is its reliance on weather conditions. Partial shade or poor lighting due to overcast skies or rain can result in a low light output or a shorter running time. This is why Dock Boxes Unlimited’s solar powered dock lights are complete with solar backup storage that will power your dock lights three weeks without sun.

Making The Switch to Solar Powered Dock Lights

Solar powered dock lights offer superior lighting with zero maintenance. If you decide it’s time for an upgrade, Dock Boxes Unlimited is here to help. We offer solar dock and deck lights for breakwater lighting, barge markers, trail markers and harbor entrance markers. A breeze to install, our ultra-bright solar dock lights are simply the easiest and most convenient way to provide markers and navigational aid. Have any questions? Contact our specialists today.

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