Protect Your Boat by Installing Dock Bumpers

Depending on where you go, fiberglass repairs on a boat can cost up to $110 per hour, according to data from Boat U.S.. So if your boat has suffered extensive scratches and holes, expecting to spend upwards of $500 is reasonable.

In order to avoid those costs, it is a good idea to not only drive slowly and safely, but outfit your dock with dock bumpers. They provide some protection against the little bumps and dings that are nearly unavoidable in rough waters, and can save you hundreds, if not more in repair costs.

Dock bumpers are lightweight, flexible, and can be placed on multiple parts of the dock. The most useful are those that get attached right to a dock’s edges and run parallel to the side of a boat when it is parked, but you might also choose to install corner bumpers and post bumpers that fix to posts and roof columns for increased safety. As an added bonus, installation is easy and they tend to be resistant to fungi, so once they are attached, you won’t have to spend much time worrying about them.

Of course, bumpers aren’t the only accessory that can be a great addition to your dock. For more convenience, you should add fiberglass dock boxes that are highly durable and can store all of the items you need to get out on the water. Plus, power pedestals are a great option because they prevent boat batteries from draining while they are not running.

Buying Dock Bumpers – What To Consider

One thing that you’ll have to consider if you are installing dock accessories yourself, is the materials you use. Not using the proper dock hardware could be a big mistake. If you don’t use bolts or brackets that are made out of galvanized steel, they might not last long in harsh marine environments. Plastics and weaker metals could break in the wind and waves, resulting in damage to your dock.  So being sure to use the strongest hardware is a smart choice.

Even the most experienced boaters might bump into their dock every now and then, especially if the weather isn’t perfect. Unfortunately, that could result in the need for hundreds of dollars of repairs, not to mention having to miss out on some sunny days while your boat is in the shop. Installing durable protective dock bumpers is the best way to avoid damage and those high costs.

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