Selecting Power Pedestals for Your Dock

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Shore Power: Power Pedestals From Dock Boxes Unlimited

Dock Boxes Unlimited provides custom solutions for safe, abundant shore power. Our power pedestals are complete with stainless steel or heavy resin housing with a UV-resistant long lasting finish. This ensures your power pedestal will never rust or corrode. To back that up, the majority of our power pedestals come with a lifetime limited warranty. Dock Boxes Unlimited provides all of the electrical equipment, layout, and design for your dock or marina.

Power Pedestal Selection

A high-quality power pedestal from Dock Boxes Unlimited is sure to provide the level of performance you are looking for. With a large variety of attractive styles to choose from, our power pedestals are packed with features to perfectly suit your needs. Our power pedestals are complete with receptacles, breakers, dock lights, and additional options for phone, internet, and television connectors. View part of our selection of power pedestals below, or click here to view all models.

Lighthouse Power Pedestal

Our Lighthouse Power Pedestal allows you to customize each side of the power pedestal to have up to 250 total amps per unit. With tens of thousands of our power pedestal units in service around the world in marinas, RV parks, and various other locations, this stylish Lighthouse Power Pedestal is also recognized for its sleek look, practicality, and exceptional durability.

Lighthouse SS Power Pedestal

The Lighthouse SS is a stainless steel power pedestal that meets every code and marina requirement. The Lighthouse SS model is easy to install, maintenance-free, and user-friendly. The Lighthouse SS power pedestal is popular for its wide range of features and add-on options.

Admiral SS Power Pedestal

The Admiral SS Power Pedestal is truly the flagship of our unitized marine power pedestal line. The Admiral SS possesses amperage capabilities up to 500 Amps and voltages of 480/277 Three Phase, 120/240 Single Phase, and combinations of these receptacles all in one unit to serve nearly any size Mega Yacht. Need help determining the appropriate amperage for your units? Ask our dock specialists!

Firehouse Power Pedestal

The Firehouse Dock Power Pedestal is well-equipped for any marina emergency. This dock power pedestal features fire extinguisher storage and a mounted alarm strobe light and siren, as well as an optional life ring. The alarm strobe light and siren can be automatically activated when the door is open or the life ring is removed.

Hatteras Light Power Pedestal

The Hatteras Light is an elegant and low-cost alternative to other power pedestal models. It utilizes the same 360-degree light assembly as the Lighthouse, yet it is only 30 inches tall. Thousands of these attractive pedestals are found not only in marinas, but also around pools, deck areas, boardwalks, and landscape areas.

Mariner Bollard

The Mariner Bollard is a lighting bollard that comes in many heights and colors to choose from. The mariner bollard can be used in various applications from marina docks, to landscaped areas, golf courses, and beyond. We have these bollards available in custom sizes with 5 colors to choose from.

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