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How many times do you drive up to the pier, only to kick yourself because you keep forgetting to buy a dock box? Every time you set foot on that floating dock, and you think of all of the neat dock hardware that you do have, how can you keep forgetting to look into a dock box? Maybe you just do not fully understand what makes for a good dock box, and are afraid to commit to one. Read on for some helpful info about dock boxes and other useful dock accessories that could make your boating life that much easier.

Dock Box

The best dock boxes around are those that are crafted using Water Laser Cutting Technology. This offers a consistent, precision cut for all pieces involved, making for a far superior fit of the pieces. When the pieces fit together better, they are far less likely to suffer from leaks and damage.

Dock boxes constructed from fiberglass provide a superior quality product over those made of polyethylene (plastic).  Polyethylene fades, discolors, and warps over time, massively depreciating its usage and asthetic value.  Fiberglass dock boxes are provided with a gel-coat finish to add an additional layer of protection to your dock box.  Like polyethylene, the gel-coat finish will fade, or oxidize in sunglight, however, you can simply buff and wax the oxidation off of the box to keep it looking brand new, year after year.  This also offers durability in the form of scrape and cut resistance.  Just buff and wax any imperfections with a rubbing compound and watch them disappear, just like on the hull of a boat.

Polyethylene dock boxes do not have a gel-coat finish.  Therefore once the material is compromised by either fading, discoloring or scratching, it becomes impossible over-time to clean to the point where it will look new again.  This failure to withstand usage in its intended environment will cause the customer to need to consider buying a new dock box much sooner than if they had chosen a fiberglass dock box with a gel-coat finish.

Dock Ladder

No matter what body of water you put your boat on, the height of the water is never guaranteed to be at the same level every single time you go out. It may not even be the same when you get back to the dock as it was when you went out.

As such, a dock ladder should be something to seriously consider. It simply hangs off of the side of the dock, making entering and leaving the water that much easier.

Dock Bumper

These are an absolute necessity if you care at all about the aesthetic integrity of your boat. With your boat tethered to the dock, and the waves slowly rolling and rocking, it is inevitable that the boat will rub up against the dock at some point. To make sure no gel-coat gets rubbed away and you do not come away with any scrapes and scratches marring the side, you should have some sort of bumper installed onto the sides of the dock in order to protect your boat should it come into contact.

There is more to boating than the vessel and the water. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be and the more fun you will have. Rather than risk forgetting something, or scraping the boat, or hurting yourself on the deck, just check out some handy dock accessories. You will be glad that you did.

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