Building A Floating Dock With Dock Float Drums

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Dock Float Drums from Dock Boxes Unlimited

Dock Boxes Unlimited foam-filled dock float drums are available in 40 different sizes to match any application you may be planning. Our docks floats are used in large commercial marinas as well as small docks. A dock float can also be used when building a DIY floating dock, floating duck blinds, and other unique projects. Dock Boxes Unlimited Dock Floats are constructed from a recyclable food-grade material that will not contaminate the waterways. If you’re looking for top-quality dock floats without having to pay top dollar, we have what you need. We offer higher-quality dock floats at a lower price. Our dock floats strive in the harsh sun and marine environment and are resistant to damage by animals, ice, bumps to watercraft, and contact deterioration from petroleum products.

Dock Floats Vs. 55 Gallon Drums Or Foam Blocks

Dock floats are the best option for a floating dock. A dock float is much more reliable and environmentally friendly than using foam blocks or 55-gallon barrels. Unlike a floating dock made with dock floats, floating barrels on a dock are often very unstable. Additionally, foam blocks and plastic barrels can be damaging to the environment. Over time, pieces from the foam blocks can break off and end up polluting lakes and getting eaten by wildlife. With 55-gallon barrels, they may have been previously used to store harmful chemicals. The risks, damage, and likelihood of needing to replace plastic drums and foam blocks often heavily outweigh the benefit of saving you a few bucks in the beginning.

Dock Boxes Unlimited Dock Flotation Provides Longevity Without Maintenance

Dock Floats from Dock Boxes Unlimited are rotationally molded for consistency and provide maximum buoyancy potential. Our dock float drums are manufactured from environmentally friendly and durable polyethylene resin containing UV ray inhibitors and carbon black pigment to protect against ultraviolet deterioration. These resins offer a balance of toughness, rigidity, environmental stress crack resistance, and low-temperature impact performance. Resin is also in compliance with FDA title 21. A Dock Float nominal wall thickness of .150 is standard on all encasements unless a specific wall thickness is requested. Dock Floats are resistant to damage by animals, ice, bumps to watercraft, and contact deterioration from petroleum products. Dock Boxes Unlimited Dock Floats are available in standard and large configurations providing float drum buoyancy ratings from 450 to 4754.  Dock Boxes Unlimited commercial grade float drum design is engineered to outperform anything else in the market and meet all of the required industry standards. To back this up, all Dock Boxes Unlimited dock floats are backed by an exceptional 15-year warranty!

Building With Dock Floats

A dock float from Dock Boxes Unlimited is strategically designed with a flat top that includes molded-in mounting slots and holes for easy attachment to any framework. Additionally, our dock float drums are environmentally friendly. They will not release harmful chemicals into the water and are constructed from recyclable material. Customers have used our dock float drums for a variety of projects including:

  • Boat Docks
  • Floating Docks
  • Duck Blinds
  • Boat Lifts
  • Oyster Farms and Hatcheries
  • Industrial Agitators
  • Lake Docks
  • Floating Boat Houses and Cabins

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