6 Dock Accessories No Marina Is Complete Without

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Dock Accessories Add Value To Your Dock

Dock accessories increase functionality, style, and value. There are many types of dock accessories that can add the final touches to your dock or marina. These dock accessories serve different purposes. Some accessories are meant to boost aesthetic value, while others are designed to improve function. Enhance your dock with these 6 dock accessories no dock or marina is complete without.

Dock Storage

No dock or marina is complete without dock storage. Without a dock box, where else would you store your items? From low profile dock boxes to seat top dock boxes and dock lockers, we offer a variety of heavy duty storage options for your dock or marina. Dock boxes can be constructed of various materials, including fiberglass and wood. Before you choose your dock boxes, check out what to look for in a dock box – don’t be fooled.

Solar Dock Lights

Is your dock or marina still using outdated, battery operated dock lights? Consider increasing the value of your docks with solar powered dock lights. Solar powered dock lights offer superior lighting with no maintenance and no bulbs or batteries to replace. With automatic on and off features, our self-cleaning solar dock lights practically do the work themselves. We offer a variety of solar dock lights including breakwater lighting, barge markers, trail markers, harbor entrance markers, and LED marina lanterns.

Power Pedestals

Every marina needs power pedestals to power their docks. However, not all power pedestals are made equally. Marine power pedestals are available in many different styles and capabilities. Our power pedestals are complete with receptacles, breakers, dock lights, and the additional options of phone, internet, and television connectors. Need help deciding which power pedestal best suits your needs? Check out this article on power pedestal selection.

Dock Bumpers and Edging

Although some boaters and marina owners do not see dock bumpers as a priority, no dock or marina is properly outfitted without them. Dock bumpers and edging are necessary dock accessories that protect your boat and dock from the damaging effects of repeated impact (and the costly repair that comes from not having them). Our boat bumpers and corner dock bumpers are UV resistant and will keep your dock looking great year after year.

Jet Ski Docks

Jet Ski Docks or PWC platforms are essential dock accessories for keeping your investment safe. If you are looking for the perfect drive-on port for Jet Skis or PWC, you have come to the right place. Featuring a smooth and hassle-free docking and launching experience, our personal watercraft platforms come highly recommended for both function and form.

Dock Carts

Wouldn’t you rather spend less time and effort hauling, and more time on the water? If you answer yes, dock carts are a must-have dock accessory. Dock carts do the hard work for you and take the strain out of loading your boat.  If you need a dock cart capable of standing up to the harshest marine environment, we have exactly what you need. Consider replacing shabby dock carts with the high quality, durable and attractive dock carts from Dock Boxes Unlimited.

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