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What is the Clean Marina Program

The mission of the Clean Marina program is an attempt by the marine industry to protect coastal and inland waters from pollution.  The Clean Marina program provides guidelines and tools for best management practices to maintain environmental-friendly waterfront facilities and keep all boating waters clean.  Clean Marina is a voluntary program and encourages marina managers and recreational boaters to prevent and reduce water pollution.  This program certifies facilities and boaters that participate and commit to being eco-friendly.  Clean Marine maintains and keeps track of certified waterfront facilities and boaters.

Many states in the US run the Clean Marina program in coordination with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).  This program has expanded into Mexico. There are many procedures to operate waterfront facilities and boats while practicing environmental-friendly maintenance.  The Clean Marina program is designed to protect oceans and bays, rivers and lakes, and waterfront facilities.

Water can be contaminated through storm drains, flowing through the ground, by falling from the air, and by direct spills and dumping.  The Clean Marina program targets these areas to guide facilities and boaters to be more aware of pollutants.  Clean Marina identifies these hazardous materials and guides facilities and boaters on how to store, manage, and dispose of this material.


For Marinas

  • Attract more boaters who are eco-friendly
  • Promote environmental awareness
  • Be part of the effort to clean our earth and promote human health
  • Access to existing guidelines to help you keep your marina or waterfront facility clean
  • Get mentored for future improvements before getting certified
  • Window decals identify your marina or waterfront facility as a Clean Marine

For Boaters

  • Access to educational material
  • Access to Seminars and workshops
  • Be part of the effort to clean our earth and promote human health
  • Enforcement of marina or yacht club rules and regulations

How to Join

Visit the  Association of Marina Industries website to learn more details about this program.

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