Spill response

Occasional marine spills are inevitable. Even if you have never had an oil spill before, it is absolutely crucial to have the necessary clean up equipment on hand. You can be prepared with our spill response kits and sorbents. Let us help you avoid non-compliance issues and make a personal contribution to protecting our environment. Dock Boxes Unlimited can provide you with everything you need to become an efficient first responder to an oil spill. Remember, you may not be able to avoid accidents, but you can certainly be ready with spill response kits and sorbents.

Why is response time so crucial when it comes to cleaning an oil spill on land or in water?

The answer is simple – The quicker you are able to clean it up, the easier it is to minimize damage to the environment and avoid costly fines and penalties. Our spill response kit helps boaters to comply with clean Marina standards, ensuring our waterways remain vital and safe for all to enjoy. Dock Boxes Unlimited spill response kit helps boaters to comply with clean Marina standards, ensuring our waterways remain vital and safe for all to enjoy.

Who is responsible for cleaning up oil spills?

Preventing oil spills is a team effort involving the marina, the fuel supplier, and the boater. Every boat owner needs to take responsibility and care in cleaning up marine oil spills. Let our Spill kits help you do the job. All marinas are expected to practice smart pollution prevention measures while handling and storing petroleum products. Some marinas need to have a Federal Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires many different kinds of businesses that store large amounts of petroleum products to develop these written plans. This requirement has been around since 1974 and was revised in 2002. This regulation is designed to help facilities that store petroleum to plan ahead and prevent potential spills from reaching our waterways.

How can I make oil spill cleanup fast, easy, and affordable?

Oil-spill kits provide quick, effective clean-up of oil spills on land or in water. Dock Boxes Unlimited absorbent booms, socks, and pads clean up oil spills on land and in the water. Our portable marine spill kits supply everything you need to clean up and dispose of spills of oil and other contaminants. The sorbents found in our Oil Only spill kits are designed to soak up any hydrocarbon-based (oil-based) liquid and leave water, coolants, and solvents behind.

We offer complete oil spill clean-up kits that contain the products you need to do the job quickly and effectively. Make certain that your marina has it under control by preventing petroleum spills from getting out of hand and reaching the waterways. Choose from a selection of oil spill booms, absorbent pads and rolls, or Dock Boxes Unlimited spill response kits to be prepared in the event your marina experiences an oil spill.

What else can I do to help keep the waterways clean?

If you would like to, learn about voluntary Clean Marina programs that are being organized at the state level. Let’s do our part to clean up the waterways!

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