Increase Marina Sales & Attract More Customers

Strategies to Increase Marina Sales and Attract More Customers

Every business needs to make money to survive, but we have some tips to help take your marina from surviving to thriving. Whether it is your core focus or a sweet reward, you need to be able to generate enough income to allow your marina business to stay afloat. No pun intended. Most marinas receive the majority of their revenue from boat storage, but there are addition ways marinas can boost their sales. By opening your business to additional services you open your capabilities for your boaters. It is important to stay realistic when it comes to the way you want to run your marina, how to make money, and how to please your customers. Here are some ways you can increase marina sales and attract more costumers.

Put Your Customers First

One of the most effective methods of increasing marina sales and attracting more customers is by providing high-end customer service. You can do this by putting your customers first and understanding their needs. Successful marinas get creative with activities and events to keep their customers engaged. Many customers are looking for more than a place to dock their boat. Because of this, having a boating destination is key. People not only enjoy their time on a boat, but they want somewhere they can socialize with other boaters and friends as well. Some marinas offer pools, bars and great food. By thinking of your customers and offering more, your marina could see an increase in sales and customers. Consider offering free pump outs, Wi-Fi, movie nights, parties, and a heated swimming pool.

Take Advantage of Free Advertising

Social media is a very popular and effective way of attracting more customers through free advertising on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It’s likely that social media will play an ever increasing role in how consumers choose marinas. By getting on board in mastering that communication tool, you’ll have a head start in increasing marina sales and attracting new customers. Social media networks can be a great way to market to new customers as well as build a community for current members. You can use social media networks to share news, announce events your marina is hosting, promote special offers, or provide information for boaters.

Rent Out Equipment to Increase Marina Sales

A great way to increase sales is by offering equipment to sell in addition to their space fees. Renting out dock ladders, dock carts, or any other equipment is a great way to bring in more money to the marina. Equipment such as dock boxes or dock lockers are crucial tools that will not only help the customer but the marina as well. Think about it, without dock boxes and lockers, boaters would have no place to put their equipment. What would that mean? Well, it would mean that either boaters would not be able to store their things or the marina would appear untidy or other negative impressions. Some of marina equipment can be too expensive for some to buy, especially when new boaters are just starting out and not sure if they are committed to the lifestyle. By giving them the option to rent, you will open up your market for the kind of customers you can bring in. The downside of rentals is the possibility of products being damaged, inconsistent cash flow, etc. These are things to consider when making a decision on what equipment you would like to present to your customers.

 Don’t Forget About the Small Things

The type and quality of the utilities the marina provides are important factors for customers. If you want to attract more customers, don’t forget about the small things. For example, don’t forget to keep facilities clean. This one may sound obvious, but a common complaint from boaters is about marinas bathrooms not being clean. Another key to attracting more customers is convenience. If you don’t already, consider offering online reservations. Although most reservations are still handled over the phone, bookings on the web are becoming more popular. By offering promotions and reservations online, more boaters will be drawn to your website and marina. You can also consider installing a high speed fuel pump. A high speed fuel pump can help customers with larger boats save hours of time pumping. White it may be an expensive addition, if your marina is the only one in your area to offer this convenience, you can attract boaters from other marinas. By understanding your customers and their needs, you will be able to determine what services and changes your marina can make to attract additional customers or keep your current customers happy.

The Key to Increase Marina Sales

The key to increase marina sales is to make your customer’s believe that your marina is better than anywhere else. If they think this, they are more likely to stay loyal to your marina because of the trust that has been established. To be successful, customer service must go above and beyond. Just marketing your products and marinas are not going to convince your boaters to buy into you. Put your customers first and don’t forget about the small things. Once your customers start to believe in your company they are more like to not only buy into it, but they are also likely to bring in more customers from their own boating experience. In the end, it is all about bringing your boaters the safest and most positive experience while gaining the potential to increase marina sales!

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