Boat Dock Repair: Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Dock

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It is perfectly natural for your boat dock to show signs of wear and tear over the years. But how can you tell when your boat dock has reached it’s expiration date? Not knowing the difference between having a boat dock in need of repair or replacement can be difficult, costly, dangerous, and even deadly. That is why we have put together a list of 5 warning signs that will help you determine whether it is time to replace your dock. Having this clarity can help you save a considerable amount of money in repairs and stress.

Repairing Vs. Replacing Your Boat Dock

Sometimes, dock repair is an option and your dock can be kept in use longer. While other times, a boat dock can become too worn and torn and gets to a point beyond simple repair. Docks that hit this stage of deterioration are dangerous and unreliable, as one bad step could end in injury or even death. Not sure when is the right time to replace your dock? Here are the 5 telltale signs that your dock needs to be replaced.

Cracks and Warps in Dock Supports

Depending on the material your boat dock is constructed in, strong waves and currents can cause your structure to warp or bend due to the high pressure. Additionally, the impact of running your boat into a dock that is not properly outfitted with protective dock bumpers can cause damage to your dock as well. If the damage or bends are too much, they can even lead the dock supports to crack and break. If you notice your dock supports have cracks or are bent, act quickly. This is a big warning sign that your boat dock may need to be replaced. Repairs may be possible if you ONLY notice cracks on individual beams. In this case, you may be able to easily replace the beams. However, if these cracks have affected larger sections of the dock, your best or only choice would be to replace your boat dock.

Damage to the Foundation

Deterioration to the foundation of your boat dock is very dangerous and any cracking should be a sign that further investigation should be done to make sure it is not a sign of a larger issue. If there is damage to the underwater foundation, this is a strong indicator that your dock needs to be replaced. Such kind of damage is extremely dangerous as it is the basis upon which your boat docking structure rests. If you notice any major cracks or erosion, be sure to have your dock replaced in its entirety.

Rusted Platforms and Supports

Due to the dock coming into contact with water so frequently, there is bound to be a build-up of moisture. Especially with metal docks, this built-up moisture can result in rusted dock supports and platforms. This is not a big deal if the affected area is small in size since you can easily get it repaired or only need to replace individual parts. However, if it has affected a very large area, then replacing your boat dock might be long overdue.

Rotting of Wood in Multiple Areas

If you have a wooden boat dock, it is perfectly normal for it to experience a little rot. Sometimes fungus from the water can cause dry rot, causing your wooden components to decay and crumble. If this problem is contained in small areas, repairing the damage with new lumber is a simple fix. However, if you find that the rotting has spread to multiple areas simultaneously, it could be a huge waste of money and time to repair your boat dock. In this case, it would be much simpler to get your boat dock replaced.

Supports Can’t Be Set at Least 4 Feet in The Ground

Unless you own a floating dock, supports that hold up your boat dock must be driven into the ground at least 4 feet to ensure stability. Different water conditions can cause rock and sand beds to erode over time, making this 4-foot minimum impossible. If you cannot set your posts deep enough into the ground, consider replacing your boat dock with a floating dock. A floating dock from Dock Boxes Unlimited will give you peace of mind knowing your boat dock is made of durable, modular pieces that are built to last. Contact us today.

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