4 Solutions for a Slippery Boat Ramp


A slippery boat ramp poses significant risks to you and your boat. It can cause serious injuries when trying to load your boat and damage your boat. Therefore, it would be best to implement specific measures to solve the problem and avoid such nightmares. The good news is that this guide explores the tips to prevent slippery boat ramps.

What can be done to make a boat ramp not slippery?

Understanding the causes of slippery boat ramps is the first step to preventing a boat ramp from becoming slippery. One of the reasons your ramp can become slippery is the presence of water. Boats can slip off the dock when the ramp is wet. The material of the ramp can also affect its slipperiness.

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  1. Coarse Sand
  2. Traction Mats
  3. Add Weigh to Drive Tires
  4. Deflate Rear Tires

1) Coarse Sand

If your boat ramp has algae, dump a bucket of coarse sand on it to add extra traction. You can also add a few sandbags to your boat to add weight and offer more traction in slippery conditions. The good news about this method is that it’s cheap because sand is readily available. However, you can add salt or ammonia to make it more effective.

2) Traction Mats

An excellent alternative to coarse sand is a traction mat. All you have to do is install the traction mat on your ramp to improve grip. Note that traction mats come in various sizes and shapes to fulfill your specific needs. The mats consist of rubber with traction grooves to improve a tuff grip even when the boat ramp is wet.

3) Add Weight to Drive Tires

Adding weight over your drive tires can also help solve the slippery boat ramp problem. This trick works by sinking the drive tires into the water rather than skimming across it, providing more traction on the ramp. One of the best ways to add weight to drive tires is by adding sandbags. You can also allow your crew to sit directly over the drive tires.

4) Deflate Rear Tires

Deflating your towing vehicle’s rear tires can also help reduce the impacts of slippery boat ramps. You’ll shift some weight to the front tires to add more traction. Consider re-inflating them after securing your boat on the trailer and towing it out. However, this method is more effective for a tow vehicle with rear-wheel drive systems.

Slippery Boat Ramp Cleaning and Maintenance Solutions

A slippery boat ramp can result in slips and falls during wet weather. Thankfully, the above solutions can help improve your boat ramp’s slip resistance. You can apply anti-slip paint or grip tape to build a slip-resistant surface. If you have trouble cleaning, maintaining, or creating traction on your boat ramp, Dock Boxes Unlimited can help!

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