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Add a Jet Ski with a Personal Watercraft Platform
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Add a Jet Ski with a Personal Watercraft Platform

Kawasaki released its first Jet Ski in 1973, as an alternative to bigger boats, and gained instant success. The original models were powered by two-stroke twin cylinder engines on lightweight frames that provided plenty of thrust and maneuverability for fun on the water.

Today, Jet Skis are used for everything from towing surfers into big waves to helping lifeguards reach people in danger. And, of course, they are great for boaters who like to get their adrenaline pumping, rather than just lounge in the sun. If you like speeding across the water and have a new, more powerful Jet Ski, then you might want to also invest in a personal watercraft platform.

Even the most serious water sports enthusiasts will get tired during a day of riding, and you’ll need to take some breaks for lunch, refreshment, or just to catch your breath every now and then. In order to make that easier and protect your Jet Ski, you should use a personal watercraft platform. With the right dock hardware, these can be secured right to your dock for easy parking and launching. They will allow you to save time getting ashore or sharing with friends who want their own turn feeling the rush of cruising on the water.

The best personal watercraft platforms offer a number of features that make them more convenient. They are often made out of polyethylene, which is quite strong, providing a 1,500 pound load capacity despite being lightweight. On top of that, they should also have molded tie down loops that allow them to be secured to any dock, and rollers that make loading and unloading watercraft fast and easy.

Though they are a great help, the platforms are not the only accessory that can be used to upgrade a dock. In addition, dock boxes made out of durable fiberglass are great for storing all of the necessities you need for a fun day out on the water; power pedestals help keep everything from big boats to small stereos to stay charged all day. Finding the right items is key to upgrading your dock and making boating as fun as possible.

The Jet Skis that people ride today hardly resemble the ones that Kawasaki produced in the 1970’s. They have far more power and are often big enough to carry three people. As a result, millions of Americans who enjoy racing around lakes choose to buy them either instead of or in addition to other boats. Personal watercraft platforms that can be attached to docks are the perfect tool for allowing you to enjoy them every time the sun comes out.

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