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4 Green Tips for Operating Personal Watercraft: PWC Environmental Safety and Awareness
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4 Green Tips for Operating Personal Watercraft: PWC Environmental Safety and Awareness

Personal Watercraft Environmental Safety and Awareness

Personal watercraft, also known by the brand names Jet Ski, WaveRunner and Sea-Doo, can be damaging to the environment. The majority of this harm can be avoided by being more aware of the implications our activity might have on both the environment and wildlife and applying this knowledge. Make a personal contribution to protecting our environment and keeping the waterways clean by following these 4 green tips for personal watercraft and jet ski users.

Green Tip #1 Avoid Shallow Waters

When possible operate well away from shore or shallow waters. Personal Watercrafts can stir up sediment and disturb delicate ecosystems in shallow water. The least amount of disturbance is in the marked channels or the deeper areas of water. Ingesting any type of weeds, grasses, plant life or trash can wreak havoc on your boat’s jet pump and impeller, ultimately causing damage to your engine.

Green Tip #2 Refuel on Land

Filling up fuel tanks is one of the most common ways that we unintentionally pollute our waters. When it’s possible, try to refuel on land to reduce the risk of accidentally spilling oil or fuel in the water. One pint, or 2 cups, of oil released into the water can spread into a 1-acre oil slick Which is larger than a football field! Avoid accidental spills by refueling on land when possible, filling the tank slowly, not over-filling and catch any accidental spills with an absorbent pad. After using an absorbent pad, please make sure to dispose of it properly. If you would like to learn more about oil spill cleanup, click here.

Green Tip #3 Keep You PWC Clean

Always wash your PWC thoroughly after each use to prevent the spread of exotic plants to other bodies of water. Exotics have no natural enemies and spread easily, killing off native species and decreasing important plant and animal diversity. You can find a variety of non-toxic cleaning products that are ideal for both your PWC and the environment.

Green Tip #4 Pay Attention to Where You Stop

When finding a place to stop, ride at controlled speeds so you can pay attention to any signs of wildlife along the shore. Avoid areas of high animal population and avoid docking or beaching where plants such as reeds, grasses, and mangroves are located. These plants are essential to the ecosystem because they control erosion and provide a nursery ground for small animals vital to the food chain, such as crustaceans, mollusks, and small fish. If you do come into contact with wildlife, do not harass them by chasing or interrupting its normal behavior. It is illegal and can unduly stress wildlife.

Dock Boxes Unlimited

Thank you for doing your part to keep the waterways clean. If you are in need of oil spill cleanup kits or absorbents, PWC platforms, or other dock accessories, Dock Boxes Unlimited has what you need. Go green with solar dock lights or browse our selection of buoys and channel markers. Call toll free: 800.559.4269

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